Bo Burnham – We Think We Know You

Hey everyone and welcome to the blog portion of the Surplus Conjecture Podcast, where we independently talk about the things we like to talk about, and also without you having to listen to us drone on for an hour to get to the point.

Almost a bite sized, solo podcast, but in text instead of verbal.

So not really anything like a podcast, I guess. Whatever.

Either way, today, I’d like to talk about Bo Burnham. For reasons I won’t get into now, we haven’t been able to make a full podcast out of Bo, but I (Sol) have been wanting to talk about him, and one piece of performance art in particular. It’s the finale to the wonderful “what.” comedy special, which Bo has made available for free on YouTube, and Spotify. And for ‘paid’ on Netflix. I highly recommend watching the whole thing, but for now I just want to focus on the finale.

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