About Us

A fortnightly humor/analysis (humalysis?) podcast where two highly analytical friends swap insights and opinions on the sweet, sticky icing that binds together the Oreo cookies of humanity: pop culture. Updates every second Monday… Theoretically.

Sol, we need to write more for this.

What do you mean? It’s fine how it is.

Now we’re doing a fourth wall break? You’re not Deadpool, I don’t think you can pull this off.

It’s fine. Don’t worry. No one reads this far anyways. I can literally write whatever. Look:

The two friends traverse a magical land in order to find the mystical Farticus – a farting Unicorn. Legends say Farticus can not be found by mortal men, but perhaps not all legends are to be believed.


Okay but this whole bit has a very “holds up spork” vibe to it.

Don’t mess with teh penguin of doom, man. I’m not going down that road again.