E6 Disney/Fox – The Fox and The Mouse

Curtis and Sol return with a thorough[ly uninformed] discussion about Disney’s upcoming buyout of 21st Century Fox. What does it mean for consumers? What does it mean for digital streaming? What does it mean for Star Wars? What does it mean for that oh-god-we’re-so-obsessed-we-can’t-ever-seem-to-stop-talking-about-it Marvel Cinematic Universe? Do they actually have answers to any of these questions? They don’t? Don’t they at least pretend to? How does one escape a rhetorical question style? Is it too jarring to just cut mid-sentence? Why choose this style of writing if there’s

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We Apologize For The Delay

The statistical likelihood is that other civilizations will arise. There will one day be lemon soaked paper napkins. Till then, there will be a short delay. Please, return to your seat.

Apparently it’s easier for us to find things to talk about that are Marvel Cinematic Universe related. Also Christmas/New Years/February. Point is, sorry about the long delay in content. We will be resuming regularly unscheduled podcast production shortly.