E5.0 Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Part 1 of 2) – Gambling on a Side Quest

A long time ago, in a podcast far, far away…

The DISNEY EMPIRE reigns supreme. Having dominated the peaceful independent film studios, Supreme Leader Iger now deploys the merciless talent scouts to seize financial control of the blockbuster movie properties.

Only Curtis and Sol’s band of PODCAST listeners stand against the rising complaining, fantheories, and nerdy-nitpicking from the internet, certain that Jedi Master Rian Johnson will return and restore a spark of creativity and risk-taking to the franchise.

But the risk has been executed, and the audience reaction has been mixed. As the Disney Empire speeds toward an infinite number of Star Wars movies, the brave Podcast hosts mount a desperate and critically fair review of the film’s shortcomings….

Music:  Bensound.com

Surplus Conjecture Podcast

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