E2 Arcade Fire – Everything [Was Fine Until] Now

Perching precariously on the precipice of the cutting edge, Curtis and Sol return with an in-depth conversation about indie rock band Arcade Fire and their latest release, Everything Now. The conversation covers everything (now) from first impressions, unfavorable comparisons to other songs, and the (sometimes depressing) perspective of Arcade Fire’s lyrics regarding life, religion, love, and death. Also on the menu is Arcade Fire’s broader discography, and in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Neon Bible—Arcade Fire’s ‘sophomore slump’—Curtis offers a fan-edit, re-sequenced version (check it out at http://surplusconjecture.com/NeonBible) that they believe represents the best possible version of the album.

Music:  Bensound.com

Surplus Conjecture Podcast

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