E1 Spider-Man: Homecoming – The Greatest Spider-Man Movie Ever Told

Hoping to secure a place in the annals of podcast history, Curtis den Otter and Sol Walters debut their new podcast, Surplus Conjecture, by taking cheap shots at that web-headed-menace: Spider-Man. Prepare for an unpopular opinion—they actually really liked it!

The latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe prompts Curtis and Sol to discuss the importance of a grounded universe, a stellar supporting cast, and a unique take on Spider-Man. Your hosts try to contain their fanboy gushing over the film, what differentiates it from other (worse) superhero movies, and the one unexpected scene that they both (independently!) thought was the key defining moment for Spider-Man—both the character and the film as a whole.

Music:  Bensound.com

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